Easy Rinse Hair Wax

 STYLEX EASY-RINSE HAIR WAX is a water-based, non-greasy grooming wax that allows you to style your hair with ease without worrying about sticky residue or flake-like build up. With its right amount of hold, it keeps your sleek and polished hairstyle in place.

Apply Normal Hold to allow you to restyle your hair without difficulty.

Apply Strong Hold to keep your chosen hairstyle in place for a longer time 

Styling Gel

Stylex® Styling Gel creates a stylish look for your hair. It is non-sticky and non-flaking. It can be used on damp or towel-dried hair.

Use Normal Hold for a natural finish. Perfect for fine hair.

Strong Hold provides volume and definition, keeping your hairstyle in place.

Extreme Hold creates a more defined hair style and delivers a long-lasting hold. Perfect for thick hair.

Hair Polish

Light, non-greasy hairstyling cream that prevents tangles and keeps hair silky soft, smooth and manageable. Tames frizz and smoothens fly-away hair without sticky feeling

Setting Lotion

Stylex® Setting Lotion tames hair with a sleek and wet finish. It provides manageability and ease of hair styling. Stylex conditions and moisturizes hair, locking in moisture for added sheen. Ideal for everyday use.

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